Selling On Ebay Tips For The Beginner

Published: 02nd May 2012
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For anyone getting into something new, the whirlwind of jargon, policies and information may be quite confusing, but with a few helpful selling on eBay tips, you're sure to learn the ropes quickly enough. EBay is a great place to buy and sell all sorts of things, and if you want to become a successful online seller, the best way to test your mettle as a businessperson.

It's never a bad thing to pick up bits and pieces from other more experienced people in the game, as they have proven techniques that have helped them in their own eBay selling. So here are some selling on eBay tips to guide you on your way to selling success.

Be an eBay Buyer

There are buyers and sellers on eBay; they are the two different kinds of registered members. A number of newbie eBay sellers have surprisingly never bought an item on eBay, which should be the first step. How can you know what the customer experience is like or what buyers look for if you haven't tried it? Buying something, no matter how small, will lead you to understand the transaction from the buyer's point of view so that when you sell, you'll know what to do and what to give buyers. Also, it's a good way to begin learning how eBay works.

Use Keywords in Your Titles

You're only allowed so much space and so many characters when listing your item on eBay. One of the most helpful selling on eBay tips is to maximize the titles of your items by using keywords. Think like a buyer. Would you be more likely to search for "gorgeous set of stone-encrusted jewels for theatrical purposes" or "rhinestone costume jewelry?" The clearer your titles are, and the more straight-to-the-point, the more likely you are to sell your item.

Be PayPal Verified

PayPal is the world's most commonly-used method for online transactions, from small items like paperback books to antique mirrors. If you really want to be buyer-friendly, you have to get PayPal verified so that people can pay you through this. It's especially useful for international transactions plus PayPal is one of the most secure and convenient ways to do online business. Make sure to check your PayPal account from time to time because there are cases when eBay shows your payment as not received when it's in your PayPal account.

Be Honest and Reasonable Regarding Shipping and Handling

It's the shipping and handling costs that actually pile up on the buyer's part. Many buyers won't bother with auctions or items that have sky-high shipping and handling fees, and those that don't quote these fees up front. You can choose to charge what it would cost you to mail the item and include the packaging and labor costs in your item's starting price. Buyers usually compute the total cost before they buy or even bid, and if you suddenly decide to spring high fees on your buyers, you're bound to get negative feedback and lose future buyers. Another of selling on eBay tips is to do your research on these fees, especially if you're shipping to international locations for better business.


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