Sell On eBay In Other Countries and Rocket Your Sales

Published: 01st July 2009
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A simple yet extremely effective way of increasing your eBay sales is to sell on eBay internationally. Make sure that your items are listed on other eBay sites in a number of different countries because if you only sell on eBay UK then you are missing out on thousands of potential sales!

To sell on eBay internationally the first thing you must do is to scroll down to the International Postage section within the Sell Your Item page. Click on the drop down menu and select Flat: Same Cost To All Buyers which will show the international posting options.

Here, you can choose to post your items to Worldwide Destinations or Custom Locations. Unless you are sending very large or very small items, then you should choose Royal Mail Airmail (Small Packets). So, as an example, let us say that you have decided to sell your items on eBay to European buyers. Simply choose Custom Locations from the drop down box and tick all the boxes in column 2. Next add the postage charge for the item.

If you decide that you also want to sell to buyers in the USA, Canada, Asia, Australia and Japan but want to charge a higher postage cost, click on Offer Additional Service then choose Custom Location again, and repeat the same process as above but this time tick all the other boxes for the countries you want to sell on eBay to. You will now have two postage options for your item. One for Europe which includes the UK and one for the other countries you have added.

Once you have added the extra information to your listings then eBay users in other countries will be able to view your items on their own eBay site. However there is an exception to this! Buy It Now items will not show up on (the US site) unless buyers change their default search option to show International Listings. Some buyers will do this and others will not, so if you really want to get your listings shown on and you are selling at a fixed price, it is wise to run a separate listing specifically from to ensure visibility. So, just by following these few easy steps you will have already increased your listing visibility and will make more international sales.

Following on from this, you can go one step further and actually list your products individually on each eBay site in the language of the site! So, for example, if you want to list your items on eBay France, then you first need to get your listing translated in to French. There are free services that do this such as who do also offer a paid service. Just a word of advice: the free services are not always completely accurate, so your listing could end up not making sense when translated. It is better to use a paid service to ensure your listings are correct from the start! Then simply log in to with your usual eBay ID and password and list your item in the usual way. It is fairly easy to find your way around the sites even though they are in a different language as most links are in the same place as on eBay UK.

The advantage of listing your items individually on foreign sites in the language of the country is that you are literally speaking their language! Although English is very widely spoken in other countries, most foreign buyers will prefer to read a listing in their own language, which in turn will entice them to buy. Ultimately, this way you will make even more sales. There are lots of countries you can sell on eBay to. Try Germany, Italy, France, USA, Australia and Canada and watch your sales triple!


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